16 December 2014

Tested : Barefoot Dubai Photography

When was the last time you had your personal photographs taken professionally? Well, in my case the last one was for my wedding and that was eons ago! So, for our recent anniversary, we decided to have our photographs taken professionally by a company we hand-picked ourselves called Barefoot Dubai Photography. We were looking for a more casual, relax and free setting with Dubai, the city we've been calling home for a decade as our background. The results was just stunning. Sapphire, our photographer managed to capture the moments exactly as we pictured it. She gave us general directions and captured the shots as we go. No awkward still moments or too much posing involved and the images turned up natural and alive!

So, if you are looking to have some memories captured to be remembered for years to come, I would highly recommend Barefoot Dubai for their expertise and professionalism. They also offers services for newborn, engagements/weddings/parties, studio pictures and printing services like the little coffee table book we are planning to make!

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07 December 2014

Tested : UGG Adirondack Boots

So, off to Amsterdam I went after 20 years and spent the whole week in the fabulous city. I have to say I went prepared. I did my research and it came out the weather was going to be somewhere between 10 and 2 degrees Celsius with almost 90% humidity! (which made it feels like -3 instead) Light rain was also forecasted here and there. Honestly, I can stand cold weather but mostly the dry cold. I was in Paris one year in February and the temperature went down to -2 degrees low and there I was going around town perfectly. It's the humidity that I cannot stand. Just chill me to my bone! 

So for the trip I decided that I needed a warmer, comfortable pair of shoes. And after much consideration, I went with Adirondack Boots by UGG Australia. I was impressed and convinced by the 300 over positive reviews and went ahead with them. The result, I couldn't be more happy with them. My feet were cozy, warm and very comfortable. It got better after a few days of wear. They felt a bit bulky the first few use but once I got used to them, it was smooth sailing all the way. These boots are waterproof, fully shearling lined and come in 4 colors. They can be worn up of cuffed at the ankles into a short boots but I prefer to wear them up like the military boots. These boots have been tested and approved for cold temperature all the way down to -20 degrees, making them a great pair of snow boots. I had a chance to meet up with an old school friend in Amsterdam and she too had the same pair of shoes and couldn't say enough good things about them.

So, if you are looking for a warm pair of boots for this winter, I would highly recommend  these Adirondack boots by UGG Australia. Unlike their sisters the classic unflattering UGG boots (of which I also love!), this pair is stylish  yet they will not fail to keeping your feet warm!

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04 December 2014


One of the most iconic pieces of jewelry from one of the oldest jewelers of all time is the LOVE bracelet. Besides the immaculate workmanship, it symbolizes the seal for the never ending love and commitment. While the love and commitment came with no surprise, the gesture was! Straight from the flag store in Paris and hidden somewhere in the house for weeks if not months, I was really surprise to receive it especially when I was expecting a new oven! Captain told me quietly as he put on the bracelet that I will get my oven, but not on an anniversary! 

Thank you, Captain.. for being so wise! ;)

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