15 September 2014

NY Fashion Week

How ironic, that a person like my dear husband, Captain, got to be in New York city right smack in the middle of Fashion Week when his only care was how to get to Cafe Zipetto for that cup of good espresso. Yes, he was there and had it not been for the fact that it was the boys' first week at school when all the chaos normally happen, so would I. Seriously, I am not the kind of girl that must be at Fashion Week because the life of my blog or my existence depend on it but once in a life time as a blogger, why not. For me it is just to merely experience the hustle and bustle of the city during this important moment of fashion industry, of which after all, we all are involve in either directly or indirectly. It would be nice to just be there and do a bit of people watching.. who needs the runway when you have the street, right? Anyway, for all of us who didn't get to be there or who doesn't really care but just wondering what's in store for SS 2014, here's some sneak peak from the week.

The ever so lovely and never disappointing Marchesa

Stripe galore by Preen

Bold and glamorous from Rodarte

Delpozo embracing the structure and texture

Feminine - Oscar de la Renta

Full skirt and midriff baring at Tibi

DVF celebrating the prints

 Ralph Lauren did it again, the Safari look

The Olsen twins' creation for Row

Marc Jacobs and his military inspired casual

Modern sophistication by Pamella Roland

.. and my favorite, BCBG Max Azria, a mix of retro and old school glamour yet 
so wearable by mere mortal like us!

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06 September 2014

Trend - The 'Boring' White Button Down



Old news. White button down on women has been existing since the movies were running black and white. Then Audrey Hepburn came and stamp it firmly on the scene when she appeared in hers paired with a pair of capri pants and ballerina flats. Fashion world were reeling and suddenly the 'boring' white button down became an all time must have. Me, I never turned my back from this simple piece when I saw Julia Roberts wearing one in the movie Pretty Woman, making that cheap mini skirt she wore it with looked like a million bucks! To me it is the easiest piece of clothing to pair with and I just cannot stop buying! One can never go wrong with it, be it casual or polished. It never fail to look chic which ever way you pair it with - over a pair of shorts, jeans, pencil skirt or even the long elegant glittery skirt as Sharon Stone once wore to the Oscar! If I must have only one item in my closet, it definitely have to be this boring white button down shirt. Okay enough of me babbling, now you, what do you think of white button down?

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01 September 2014

... and the sun will rise to a better day

Hello there, dearest friends!  First and foremost I would like to thank all of you who have sent me those comforting messages through the blog and email following my last post. I was so touched and appreciate all of them. You made me feel that I was not alone in my cocoon and that it was not a crime to feel vulnerable, that it was just me being human and not because I was weak. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I tried channeling my frustration somewhere else and turn it into something positive. I spent time with the boys, talked to them about their college plans which proved to be a good motivational move as they were all inspired and started making plans for a better school year ahead. I also put myself in a self imposed fitness challenge of 90 days starting a few weeks back. I figured, it has been a while since I last took my fitness seriously. So I started a tailor made program to give myself a kick start. It was not easy to get back on track but it was worth it. 

In between looking for potential colleges for the boys, doing research for my fitness challenge and working out, I basically had less time to dwell in stuff that was consuming me. Some things are not for me to change, they are way beyond my control, "Way above our pay grade" as Captain put it. In short, I feel a lot better today.. despite the hot weather that is still going strong.

Thank you again for being there.. sending all of you a big hug and will be back soon!

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