24 April 2014

Foodie Weekend - The Fish Bazaar, Habtoor Grand Beach Resort and Spa, Dubai

I've been here in Dubai for almost 10 years but frankly, I must say, I have yet to discover even half of the city.  Things are moving so fast here, buildings appear overnight like mushroom after the rain, new places to eat are opened everyday even when I have yet to try the old ones and people come and go.  I mean as an example the houses across the street keep on changing tenant and I kid you not, every month! 

So when a new friend 'S' invited me over for dinner at a Thai restaurant in Grand Habtoor Resort and Spa here in Dubai, I was thrilled for a few reasons.  One, I was going to get to know a person better (that bit is always a pleasure ) and second, the fact that I had never been to this resort before! Talk about killing 2 birds with one stone, right? :)

The restaurant, The Fish Bazaar was not the usual ordinary Thai joint. If you've been to Bangkok before, you would notice some seafood joints that served seafood the way you wished. All you had to do is choose your fresh seafood and decide the way it should be cooked. Well, The Fish Bazaar was something similar but of course in a different setting. You could decide to dine indoor or outdoor and on good days especially during the winter months, it would be fabulous to eat outdoor. We decided to eat outdoor and ambiance created by the flowing water from the water features, the obvious Thai decor and the soft breeze coming from the sea a few meters away were spectacular!

Besides the seafood that could be chosen from the display cooked the way you wished by the chefs on standby, The Fish Bazaar also served the usual Thai classics straight from the menu. Dishes like Som Tam, Tom Yum, Pad Thai and an array of desserts to finish the meal with were plenty to choose from and I was a happy customer when I saw these familiar favorite dishes of mine on the menu. Honestly speaking, I love Thai food and have been to quite a few Thai restaurants, but so far The Fish Bazaar was the first that offered a tailored dining experience which, in my humble opinion, was a plus.  In the end I was glad I went.. good food and even better company, I couldn't ask for more!  

The Fish Bazaar
Habtoor Grand Beach Resort and Spa
Booking Information
Telephone No : 04 3995000

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20 April 2014

Spring Cardigan and White Jeans

Spring in Dubai is always over-rated as most of the days are borderline summer with temperature between 34-37.  But some days especially in the beginning could be good and that's when wardrobe staples like light cardigan would come out and play! If you have read my post a few months back, you know that I had let go most of my cardigans from my 'cardigan phase' and kept only a few, some of which I have featured here on the blog. This grey long, super light, almost liquid like cardigan by Dolan is also one of the survivors and can you all see why I love it so much?

The white jeans here by AG Adriano Goldschmied are new. I bought them recently on Shopbop after doing a bit of research in the quest of looking for a pair of white jeans with thinner material than what I already had. I own a pair by American Eagle but they are of a thicker material and for spring summer I would prefer a thinner pair and this new pair is perfect. The 27 inches inseam is a plus for my 5'3" frame even if honestly I would go with 25 inches, that would be PERFECT! If you are interested to try buy this jeans, I would suggest go 1 size down as it stretches quite a bit. I ordered my usual 27 but would do well even with a 26.

These shots for the post were taken on my rooftop. If you look carefully, you could see the Dubai skyline with Burj Khalifa standing erect and proud dominating in the background. I love the view from up here especially at night when the lights on each buildings create a breathtaking view.  Notice the cranes scattered here and there? Dubai is building big time, getting ready for the World Expo 2020 when it will play host. We are talking about tall buildings, squares, shopping areas, parks and a canal that will run through the city all the way to the sea. Now, that I can't wait to see!

:: Wearing ::
Tank :: ZARA
Cardigan :: Dolan
Jeans :: AG Adriano Goldschmeid
Purse :: Vintage Chanel
Shoes :: Christian Louboutin

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18 April 2014

Foodie Weekend - Baguette Express Dubai

When I first heard of Baguette Express, I imagined another American fast food chain of which I must admit is not my cup of tea since as many know, I am quite careful with what I eat.  Not that I am fussy or such, but I am quite particular on what I cram my body with for health and lifestyle reasons and fast food is definitely not on my list of choice. So, when I attended the opening and tasting session of Baguette Express's 3rd store in Emaar Business Park, Dubai last week, I was surprise to find out 2 things - First that the chain was not American but originally from Scotland and second, it was not the kind of fast food joint I imagined it to be!

Not only that Baguette Express serves fresh affordable light meals and snacks, they can be healthy too (just watch your choice of bread or go without!), offering unlimited variety of over 25 filings stuffed into either baguettes, paninis or wraps. On top of that the store also offers an all day dining choices with the likes of pastas, soups and salads on the menu. While sampling some of the food on display, I had an opportunity to chat a bit with the General Manager, Mr Pawan Jain that informed me of his future plans for the store. In the near future, this store will be hosting Friday brunches, theme buffet nights and very soon, will offer delivery service. Frankly speaking, if I were to be one of those executives working in Emaar Business Park, I would be jumping with joy as this would mean I don't have to compromise my healthy eating pattern even if I had to eat at my office desk! And on my 'cheat' day, I could splurge on one of those desserts on the menu... Tiramisu, anyone?

Baguette Express
Building 4
Emaar Business Park
Dubai, UAE
Tel : 04-3961943
Opens Daily 7am - 11pm

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