16 April 2014

Dubai Street Style

I actually bumped into the stylish Samantha Francis at one of the events we both attended and turned out to be she also runs a a blog - Style Is Necessity . I couldn't concentrate on the conversation I was having with a bunch of friends and kept staring at her fabulous pair of sandals and I knew I had to have her picture for my Street Style segment.  She was wearing a top and pants from the recent collection of Zara and those shoes were from TopShop! I like how she mixed those high-street pieces with a more classic high-end bag from Bvlgari. Simply chic!

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13 April 2014

Floral Casual

My parents are in town, yay!  That explains my lack of present on my blog and on yours this past week. My apologies and I promise I will catch up soon.  My parents hadn't been here in Dubai in 5 years so it is a big deal to me.  I have arranged some trips around the UAE for us to go on and I really hope they will enjoy their stay as only God knows how much more time will I have to spend with them. The boys are having some fabulous time with their grandparents too.  They are bigger than 5 years ago and can handle a more solid conversation with them and that is simply great to see! 

Now, onto the outfit.. yep, I've done this top many times on the blog and yes, I like it that much. This time I tried a more casual approach by pairing it with fun purple pants and a pair of Chucks. This sort of took away the seriousness and daintiness effect floral tops are normally associated with and God forbid, I wouldn't want to look too dainty on a casual day out! I wore this to a casual event with a bunch of friends and I thought it was perfect.  What do you think? What other ways in your opinion are best to soften the 'floral top' cliche? 

:: Wearing ::
Top :: ZARA
Jeans :: Forever 21
Shoes :: Converse
Bag :: Balenciaga

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09 April 2014

Trend - Moschino Fall 2014 Ready to Wear

What?? Or more like WTF?? That was my reaction when I browsed through the trend from the last Fashion Weeks.  It was as if we had ran out of trend to wear that we have to stoop so low and wear wrapping papers and cardboard box of some cereals?? And what about Sponge Bob, that even some 7 year olds would not be caught dead wearing them to bed, let alone out and about. It is either I am far behind or the fashion world has gone slightly mad.  This trend from Moschino collection was by far the worst I've seen since the horrendous Dolce & Gabbana vegetable print from a few seasons back. 

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